Anglian Water, Waste Water treatment works

Project Details

This R.I.B.A. award winning, new waste water treatment centre for the Lowestoft area was the last purpose built building on the east coast of England for Anglian Water. The building was also the first fully enclosed, odour controlled building of its type.

The elongated, dome shaped building measures 160 metres x 110 metres and is recessed into the gently rolling Suffolk countryside by up to 8 metres. The project required substantial ground contour modelling which terminates at high level to the building leaving a 1.5 metre high horizontal glazing strip below the roof eaves. The roof is covered with an aluminium standing seam type roof. The roof surface water is collected in a perimeter rill and diverted to nearby lagoons.

The building also accommodates an integral Visitor Centre with support facilities.

Anglian Water