COWA, Wisbech

Project Details

BCR were selected for this former College of West Anglia site in Wisbech through an invited competition. A number of options and layouts were explored and considered before a residential scheme for 139 homes was agreed. A family of housing and apartment designs were developed by BCR that met all the Code requirements and that would sit well in the immediate and wider Wisbech area.

The homes needed to be not only attractive, but also to be efficiently, flexibly and generously laid out, using robust materials and detailing that will age well within their generous, landscaped settings. The entrance porch designs were developed to discretely contain and hide the utility meters and refuse bins which can often blight a home’s frontage.

Careful consideration was given, with close collaboration with the rest of the design team, to the access, servicing and services for the homes by using methods that will not compromise the layout or appearance of the houses, or the development as a whole.

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