SJ Eastern New HQ, Hoddesdon

Project Details

Old Auction House is a 1960s warehouse located in the industrial area of Hoddesdon. The brief from the clients, SJ Eastern, was to refurbish and modernise the building generally and design the fit out for the company’s relocation to one site, ensuring the building remained fully operational on the ground floor during the refurbishment.

The existing building contained asbestos which was fully removed by way of the entire roof replacement being undertaken. Three of the building facades which were over-clad, existing windows were replaced and the façade was fully insulted internally where appropriate. The roof was replaced with a composite panel which was left exposed internally with exposed services appropriate to the style of the building.

New entrances were formed to both ground and first floor levels to allow for flexibility of different occupants.

The main entrance at the ground floor was fitted with a portico to give it more presence. The exposed external staircase was refurbished and clad at the lower level to offer a directional sense the first floor entrance.

Internally concrete panels were removed where possible to open up the first-floor footprint giving more flexibility to the space.

This opportunity to create, enhance and modernise an existing failing property was fully supported by the clients who embraced the challenge. A new lease of life to the building has been enhanced by SJ Eastern, proudly showcasing their carpentry and joinery skills for the fit out.

The building has now been given a sustainable future showing that with creative thinking, good teamwork and careful execution even tired buildings have a future. They can be modernised successfully, be sustainable, usable, efficient by preserving and carefully refurbishing in a cost effective way.